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The   best tasting
fundraiser ever.

Sell delicious popcorn and your group keeps 50% of the sales.

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Brochure & Online Programs

Choose an easy online fundraiser or a classic in-person one.

50% Profit

You receive 50% of every order with no minimums and no fees. 

$30 Million

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations raise over $30 million.

Safe and easy online fundraiser

With just a bit of information, we can launch your fundraiser within 24 hours. Then just send around the link to your personalized fundraiser page, and everyone can order from the comfort and safety of their own homes. When your fundraiser is finished, you get 50% of all sales for your organization.  

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Classic brochure fundraiser.

Once you complete our super-easy registration, we will send brochures for your sellers and you will be ready to start selling our yummy popcorn. Your sellers collect orders and payment. At the end, you place one simple order with Popcornopolis and keep 50% of your sales.   

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The best tasting popcorn.

From the very beginning, we've used only the finest ingredients, our own original family recipes and small-batch cooking processes. Our popular Caramel and famous Zebra popcorn, with stripes of white and dark confectioner's chocolate, put Popcornopolis on the map, and our dedication to taste and quality will ensure your supporters come back year after year.

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