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A Tasty Way to Give Back!

Giving back to groups that are near and dear has never been this easy. All you have to do is buy some delicious popcorn, made fresh here in Los Angeles, CA. A full 50% of your order goes back to your organization with no fees. It's a win-win! You get amazing Popcornopolis popcorn, and they get much-needed funding. We all thank you for your support.

And now for the yummy popcorn.

50% of your order goes to [Group Name]

About Popcornopolis

Here at Popcornopolis we blend the nostalgic flavors of old-fashioned caramel, real cheddar cheese and confectioner’s chocolate into mouth-watering treats for you. Popcornopolis is a reminder of simpler times when recipes were made with natural ingredients, milk was delivered in glass bottles, and time was more plentiful than it seems to be today. Old-fashioned wisdom. Tastes you’ll love. Guaranteed to please.

50% donated

A full 50% of all sales will go directly to raising funds for each organization. 

$30 million raised

We’ve helped hundreds of schools and organizations raise over $30 million.

17 years strong

Popcornopolis has been popping its famous indulgent popcorn since 2003.