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Signing up couldn’t be any easier. Just click the button below to get started. After you fill out a short registration form, you'll receive an email confirmation and additional information regarding your brochures. At Popcornopolis, we believe that fundraising should be fun, profitable, and delicious. We've taken the pain out of the process so you can get started in a hurry. So, sign up and get selling. Oh, and one last thing. Don’t tell anyone, but our wonderfully tasty popcorn kind of sells itself.  



Once you register and before your start date, you will receive brochures to distribute to your sellers. Request at least 1-2 per seller. They’ll arrive within 5-7 business days from time of request. While our beloved popcorn is easy to sell, you will want to make sure you promote your fundraiser and get your sellers as excited as possible. So, make sure you share information about your fundraiser on your organization’s site, send emails to your community and post on social media (ideally with some pictures of cats and babies).  


Earn 50% of Sales.

So, once you get to the end of your fundraiser, collect all your sellers’ order forms, and place one order to Popcornopolis. You will only pay half of the amount you collected. The other half of the funds is yours to keep! Pretty cool, right? When you receive your shipment, you’ll distribute the orders to your sellers for delivery to their customers. And again, no fees and no minimums for your organization. What a wonderfully tasty and profitable experience.  


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